About the Sewer Backup Response (SBU) Program

Sometimes a pipe is not big enough to hold the water trying to flow through it. Sometimes a pipe is clogged or broken. In these two cases, the pipe may cause the water to flow the wrong way. This change in direction may cause the water to back up through a floor drain in basements, garages, and other lower level places. This is called a sewer backup.

The Sewer Backup Response (SBU) Program helps MSD’s customers who have sewer backups. The SBU Program provides:

  • 24/7 customer service at (513) 352-4900. Use this number to report a sewer backup in your home or business, even if you aren’t sure what caused the backup.
  • Free cleanup help if MSD’s sewer system caused the backup.
  • Payment for items damaged if the customer meets the rules for payment.
  • Protection from future sewer backups if backups are happening because the public sewer is not big enough to hold all of the water.

To learn more about what can cause a sewer backup, check out our video and play the game. To learn more about the SBU Program, visit sbu.msdgc.org.